Second String SALE!

If you know me, you know I never let an imperfect mug go out the door to be sold at retail prices.  Here at GlitterGlassAndSass, I try my best to be as green as possible.  We have huge bins for sorting recyclables, pack our products in recyclable packaging (paper and cardboard only, never foam), and we buy all the power for my home AND workshop from wind farms. 

What happens when I have a mug that comes out with a tiny tiny flaw.  I only sell mugs I deem perfect at retail prices, but I hate the idea of throwing nearly perfect mugs into the landfill.  So I put them aside and run a sale or giveaway!  These mugs will never have major issues ... no chips or cracks or structural flaws.  The most common problems you will find with these mugs are tiny dark spots in the transfer or inside the mug itself, minor issues with the design transfer, and overstocks that are actually perfect mugs that didn't sell fast enough.

So what this means for you is that periodically, you can buy my mugs at rock bottom prices.  $5/mug plus shipping!  Buy one or a ton.  It's up to you.

Right now, my porch is full with sorted mugs, and they are up for sale in my periodic "Second String Mug Sale Event".  Enjoy!